Your website is your window to the world and a very important marketing tool. Website maintenance is labour intensive and complex. Don't have the budget for the services of an in house Webmaster to manage your website? Don't have the time or the technical skills to keep your website content updated and fresh looking? Our website maintenance and website update service allows you to change your content and images at any time so you can keep your website fresh and up to date.

By out-sourcing your Webmaster needs, not only does your company save money, but your website is properly managed and current too. We would be happy to discuss your Webmaster needs with you. Contact us for a price quote - we're certain that you'll find our Webmaster services rates very affordable.


  • Domain Registration
  • Html Page Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Miscellaneous Text Revisions, Content Updates or Additions

    Basic Website Maintenance Package
    Represents 10 hours of miscellaneous text revisions, content updates or additions to your existing website. Advance payment required. Based on minimum of 30 minute increments.

    Premium Website Maintenance Package
    Starting at 20 hours per month for website promotion, miscellaneous text revisions, content updates or additions, and text link advertising services. Ongoing revision of optimization code and re-submission as required. Purchase of Search Engine Optimization Package required. Advance payment required.

    Press Release / Article Creation
    Internet Public Relations is an emerging and exciting field. The internet has changed the PR landscape forever. In the not so distant past, traditional media (print, TV, radio) had a strangle hold on publicity. That is no longer the case. Now, an internet savvy business can post their search engine optimized PR materials on the internet, and reach thousands more eyeballs for a fraction of the cost.

    Another great way of getting your message out there is by industry related articles. These, too, can be optimized for search engines, and there are a vast number of Article Directories on the web today. The benefits of submitting your articles to directories are numerous. You can read more about press releases and industry related articles here.

    RSS Feed Creation
    RSS is a new and exciting development on the internet. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", and is basically a "live feed" for your website that is updated regularly to reflect any new content, i.e. new articles, web pages, etc. Consider them as the free, internet version of the old-fashioned ticker-tape news wire machines. RSS is an excellent syndication opportunity for your company, and should be an important part of your internet marketing arsenal.  ...more

    Prices do not include GST/HST (in Canada only). Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • More About SEO
    What exactly is Search Engine Optimization anyway? And how can it benefit my bottom line?   ...more
    Internet Public Relations
    The internet has changed everything when it comes to Public Relations. We can prepare your press release, then optimize it for the web, so that your PR gets much more traction than with traditional print media alone.   ...more
    Who We Are
    At Meade Internet, we have over ten years experience in the SEO and Internet Marketing field. We have a proven track record of consistently achieving top search engine placements for our clients.   ...more
    Customized Packages
    Every Company is different. At Meade Internet, we understand this, and can customize a service package for you, based on your company's needs and budget.

    Contact us at and we would be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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