Internet Marketing is a new, and complex field. The Internet offers unlimited opportunities for low cost advertising. Today, companies look to the Internet to attract more customers, hoping to avoid the high cost of print advertising.

There's also an added bonus to advertising on the Internet. The customers that find you are looking specifically for the product or service you provide. The chances of converting that surfer into a paying customer are very high.

Most web surfers use a Search Engine or Web Directory to find the information they need. Your website may be competing with thousands, if not millions, of other sites hoping to attract the same customers. The rewards of an aggressive and effective Internet marketing campaign are top placements in the search engines, where potential customers are likely to find you. Also, any Internet marketing campaign must include link advertising and partnerships with other sites that are relevant to what you are selling. Add Internet Public Relations to the mix, and you have a powerful scenario that will drive highly targeted, quality traffic to your site.

Meade Internet is owned and operated by Derek Meade of Tweed, Ontario, Canada. Derek started his SEO career as the Internet Marketing Manager and Webmaster for the School of Professional Makeup Ltd. in Toronto, Canada. At Meade Internet, we have over ten years experience in the search engine optimization, website promotion and internet marketing field. We have a proven track record of consistently achieving top search engine placements for our clients.

Meade Internet is dedicated to creating a strong web presence for your company. We promise prompt, friendly, and affordable service.

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"Since Volante Systems starting working with Derek Meade, we have seen nothing but results. As Vice President of Operations for our company, I monitor all sales inquires and customer information requests. In the past, even expensive trade magazine ads were not producing the amount of interest we were hoping for. Derek has changed all that. A well managed website is the answer to great sales! Thank you, Derek"

Annette Ennamorato
Vice President, Operations
Volante Systems

"I had tried several web companies to get on the internet, none of whom delivered what they promised. When I started working with Derek, my business went from slow to busy very quickly. 70% of our student enrolment is now due to the internet. Thank you so much."

Robert Closs
Founder & Managing Director
The School of Professional Makeup

"Working with Derek Meade has been a joy and hugely advantageous for my business. He enthusiastically 'adopts' your business and takes care to explain any term or cyber question you might have. I rest easier knowing he is working to help build my business."

Suze Panrock
Destiny Weddings

"Meade Internet Services is a must have for any business. Derek is like have a magician who travels the highways of the world wide web, quietly during development but whose results are a wonderful surprise and pleasure. Our company went from limited exposure to top 10 in our key categories in only a few months. Derek is reasonable, thorough, honest and dedicated. He would be a true asset to any company who hires him."

Jennifer Jones
Joy of Dance Studio

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