Although search engine optimization and internet marketing are very important, so is polished, professional looking website design that is search engine friendly. Many website designers have expertise in putting together attractive web pages, but aren't at all knowledgable when it comes to optimizing those web pages for search engines. Having a fantastic looking website is useless if nobody can find it!

Meade Internet can design a great looking website for you, then optimize it so it's search engine friendly. We utilize pre-designed website "templates" and adapt them to your business. Custom designed websites are labour intensive and can be very costly. By using pre-designed templates, the time involved in designing your website is greatly reduced. The end product is a unique, great looking website at a fraction of the price.

Meade Internet offers affordable website design that ensures your company presents a polished, professional, user friendly face to the world - one that potential customers can actually find! Contact us to find out what we can do for your company.



Meade Internet can tailor any website design project to suit your company's needs and budget. Please note that in order to keep your costs down, we request that our clients provide text, logos, and any digital images. Additional fees would apply for copy creation, Flash creation, graphic design, and domain registration/hosting. Search engine optimization requires purchase of one of our SEO packages. For information on SEO, please visit our search engine optimization page.

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